Volume XLIII

Spring 2018

Poetry & Prose

Emily Pettit

Bug / Indignant / The Opposition of Objects / Mad Tiny

Mark Goztyla

My thinking I am hot shit / Shindig Over

Hadrian Demaioribus

The Secret History

Melissa Dickey

Excerpt from “Air plant in relation to the spring”

Edzordzi Agbozo


Craig Heyne

Famine for Sport

Jessica Dickinson Goodman

Colusa County

Ashleigh Tomcics

my suburbia:

Sony Ton-Aime

Vanishing Torso / Coumbite

Henry 7. Reneau Jr.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Owen Fox


Laynie Brown


Robert Danberg

A Few Words from My Father’s Mother / Birth Story

Lauren Zhang


Jess Simms

Pipe Dreams

Rachel Glaser

On the plane

Garrett Stack

At the Friday Skate / Transcontinental / The Old Professor

Ian Sears

The Vault

Alexandra George

There’s no time to be afraid here / How Secretly Human / August is a good time for making friends / A president’s lament / On Tuesdays the Museum is Closed

Mary Soon Lee

On Reading “The Journey to the West”

Marela Sulak

Guessing Your Way In / One bird or another, a love song

Jessica Tumio

Dragon Watching

Summer Jade Leavitt

This is not fiction, this is how it goes / Remains / Carol / Carol Too


Karla Arrucha

What Do You Think?

Stephen Solomon

hopeful / blind and behind

Olivia Kang

Untitled 20

Cora Hickoff

Queen Anne’s Lace, 2016 / Bamboo Blue, 2016

Jill Christine Miller

Black Bile / Home

Mateo Bona

Autumn in Blood / Absolving Sins