Volume XLIV

Spring 2019

Poetry & Prose

Jay Aquinas Thompson


Maureen Sherbondy

When the Ferryman Quits / What Happened to the Ferryman During the Hurricane

Nico Leger

where do the geese go?

Ryan W. Murphy

Fractus Est

Michael Fontana

Vacant Lot Behind the Lawson’s Store, 1966

Rachel Moritz

Rain, Flood, Father / Existential / Son

David F. VanDevelder

A Common Courtesy

Violet Knight


Nome Emeka Patrick

Like a Million Purple Butterflies Deserting a Garden / A Brief History of the Ocean

Marlin M. Jenkins

you ever sit next to someone who smells bad and sniff yourself to make sure it isn’t you?

Rebeca Ladron de Guevara

Children and Drunks Always Tell the Truth

Arielle Greenberg

Counting Breaths

Daisy Bassen


Caroline Kessler


Ryan Napier

Moorish Arches

Susanna Childress

Name that Feeling

Benji Katz

Mother Incubates a Broken Egg

Korbin Jones

Future Memories of Dinosaurs / Undressing Ourselves Before the Eyes that Watch US

Robert A. Kramer

Standing 8

Ashley Taylor

Tell Me About Your Face

Joe Woodward

Monday, Late in the Day

Jessica Dickinson Goodman

Blue Angels

Julie Phillips Brown

When I am Six

Thomas Bulen Jacobs


Tiwaladeoluwa Adekunle


Lianne Collins

Up the Mountain Road

E. Anderson



Anna Martin


Jason Adkins


Chloe Kang

Here I Am

John Chavers

Molten Poinsettias / Linen Wrinkles

Nora Beck

If I believed I could free myself by dying

Kateryna Bortsova


Michael Thompson

Superman Running

Maggie Lin

Fantastic Dream

Nathaniel Armstrong

Vision of a Ram / Breakthrough (cover image)

Fabrice Poussin

First Light

Timothy F. Phillips

Tropical Foliage Paradise

Jury S. Judge

Tropical Autumn

Matteo Bona